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In many instances, the need for converting the pdf files to word appears. One can complete the task manually using tools like Adobe Reader. However, it is here to mention that in this method, the PDF file is exported as the normal text only; all the formatting gets lost through the process of conversion.

It is thus recommended to make use of high-end tools available these days for the conversions of such. These tools make the process of conversion faster and most importantly deliver the best quality outcome; without compromising the format in any way. There is a manual method available as well to convert pdf to word, using the tools like Adobe Reader.

One may use the free edition of these tools also. Upon having simple Microsoft Excel and any genuine text editor, the task can be perfectly accomplished. Check out the steps given below. However, as mentioned above, one cannot get the actual format after conversion. It means only the plain text will be got.

  • First of all, save the file of PDF in text format.

  • Now open the file to which the concerned PDF document has been turned in any editor like Notepad. Next, select the entire text and then copy the same to the clipboard.

  • After the above step, now open a word file and paste the texts copied over there.

  • One may correct the alignment of text, arrange the space, etc.; but, the entire format cannot be achieved. In short, if you need the text only or not necessarily the format, this method can work.

  • In those cases where the PDF document has a table, one may simply go to the Insert tab of Word file and then to Table.

Which is a better option?
As explained above, here one doesn’t need any other tool to convert pdf to word. The free edition of adobe reader can do the work, along with notepad and word files, those natively remain there.

On the other hand, using an advanced tool, one can get the exact format and all simply by dragging and dropping the file over the converter section. Not just the quality; these tools completely assure about the security aspects as well. Having a conversion tool from a reliable source, one can stay assured about any misuse of data. They guarantee no manipulation or illegal usage of data. The files can be sent directly to the mail account itself. There are incredible platforms that come up with subscription models, where one can convert pdf to word of any size in absolutely no time.

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